Back in the (writing) saddle again

My last post was in January of this year. The last post when I still had a brain. Not long after that post I came down with shingles. NOT FUN. Before I go any further, let me just say this: if you have had chicken pox and are now of an age where you are possibly susceptible to shingles, GET THE SHOT.

Seriously, get the shot. Get The Shot. GET THE SHOT

I can NOT stress this enough! The rash and lesions are gross, and the pain is astounding. It will take your breath away. It will take away your concentration, because you can’t think about anything other than wanting it to stop. It will take away your energy, and you will sleep half your life away just to escape the pain.


That said, now this:

I love writing, and I love that I am writing again now that most of the shingles and attendant medication are gone. I love that my brain seems to be back online!

I love my cats beyond words, and that the young tuxedo boy I rescued that bolted out the door yesterday morning came back and cried to come in last night.

I love that I have friends who supported me in the worst years of my life, and I love that I am now in a position to help my friends when they need it.

I love music, and I love having found sources such as the HALO soundtracks and Two Steps From Hell to be the soundtracks for my writing.

Did I mention I love that I am writing again?

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