Okay, so here’s where I drop back and punt.

It’s very likely that I have No Barking CLUE on how to do this. So Here’s how I AM doing it.

I said I wanted to do a page where I write, and I have–I think. But nowhere can I see how to show you where that page is. So instead, what I’ve done is set up an alternate site: housesofthanah.wordpress.com. It’s all set up now, and I THINK (but I’m not sure) that there is a way for you, my gentle and faithful readers, to switch to that other site. I THINK you go up to this site’s name (there on the left?) and click on it, and it should show you Switch Site.

If, as is far more likely, I really am utterly clueless and am barking up some dying tree in a far alligator-infested swamp somewhere, then just search for the new site (please!). Once again, that’s:   Houses of Thanah dot wordpress dot com  —  of course, no caps and all squished together. I just typed it out like that so’s y’all could read it more clearly and get the spelling right. 😉

Anyway, this first post is an explanation of the setting for my scarily extensive series of half-written novels. What I’ll be doing over there is writing a serialized novel that runs alongside my primary series. Because I just don’t have the time to sit down and seriously work on my main story due to having to aggressively look for a job before me, the cats and the dog are all living out of my little Hyundai Elantra Touring.

Because, as I’ve said before, I can’t NOT write, and it’s killing me. So please, feel free to check out the new site.

And yes, I’ll still be posting to THIS site. All the fun one-offs and challenges that His Eminence the Supreme Pen Monkey Chuck Wendig sets us, plus anything else that happens to cross my scattered consciousness. Like rants. Or whines. Or whatever.

Remember, that first post is just the setup, not the beginning of the story. Still–hope you like it!

2 thoughts on “Okay, so here’s where I drop back and punt.

  1. Is the site up? I haven’t found a link to it here and nothing shows up by googling it.

    • warjna says:

      Hey, PD! JUST now found this! I admit to utter incompetence regarding the comments section of WordPress. Okay, I admit to utter incompetence in MOST of WordPress…

      I have the other page up, it’s housesofthanah.wordpress.com That’s Houses of Thanah, in case it’s hard to read. I’m considering posting the first draft of House of the Black Dog on there. What do you think? Any suggestions?

      I’m back online at home, and I have a job! Just started training, there’s another 4 weeks to go. Let’s hope I survive this one. I had a job back in August, lasted until the very last day of training…

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